ColdPack CoolDown Ice-packs

Coldpack Cool CoolDown why?

Coldpack Cool CoolDown Cold works on a short term by increasing the tension in the muscles. While cold treatment with Coldpack Cool CoolDown on the longer term, relaxes cramps and reduces muscle activity. Coolpack Cold works pain relieving, because it reduces the transmission rate of nerves and pain receptors in their activities mutes. Coldpack Cool CoolDown slowes ddown blood flow, because blood vessels constrict under the influence of the cold of an Ice Pack Coldpack Cool CoolDown. As a result, swelling and bruising after injuries or in the context of inflammation by a Cold Pack thwarted.

Coldpack Cool Cooldown when?

Coldpack Cool CoolDown prevents swelling with bruise and sprain, surgery such as after eyelid surgery after sports injuries shortly occurs. Coldpack Cool CoolDown immediate after sportsinjurie to prevent swelling. When the heat is extreme Coldpack Cool CoolDown to cool your body

Coldpack Cool CoolDown to use in acute attacks of rheumatic nature, connective tissue diseases and autoimmune diseases cold works fever lowering to even at paralysis. (such as the ice plunge pools at spastic and flaccid paralysis). Coldpack Cool CoolDown Cold dampens sharp pain directly, such as sprained ankle after Wasp sting use the compact Allround CoolDown than. Cold treatment works as anti-aging, the facial ice masks of CoolDown refresh the sagging skin where the elasticity with age disappears from. Coldpack Cool CoolDown Ice Pack Coolpack is often recommended by eyelid surgery doctors for the patient prevents swelling after surgery immediate with Eye Cool Mask CoolDown. The cold therapy is performed in a paralysiscute and other painful diseases. Coldpack Cool CoolDown in your refrigerator is at certain times indispensable. Reusable CoolDown remains flexible, does not stick and can be unlimited in refrigerator. Cool Down is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, Bisphonel-a and Bisphonel-s free, environmentally friendly, reusable and sustainable.Do Coldpack Cool CoolDown not fold before you put it away.

Always feel yourself if Coldpack CoolDown is or can be to cold or not and take the appropriate measure. CoolDown has good quality with which CoolDown is highly appreciated since 2003 in the medical and cosmetic field worldwide, now also available for consumers. NOT for everyone is cold treatment good for people with blood flow and vascular problems, inflammatory rheumatism, Raynaud's phenomenon, diabetics, urinary tract infections, and menstrual pain, cold therapy is not suitable. Likewise do Coldpack Cool CoolDown NOT use on broken bones and bleeding wounds. If you have a disease, please do contact your doctor if you want to start a cold therapy.