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Gel eyemask

Cooling Eye Mask

Ice Pack gel eye mask reduces itchy eyes, burning eyes, red eyes, black eye, and swelling even after blepharoplasty

Gel cooling eye mask

Cooling eyemask for a thick eye/ black eye has a fever lowering effect hides an alcohol hangover look and is very relaxing. The anti aging wellness cooling eye mask reduces eye symptoms such as red eyes, itchy eyes, sore eyes and bags under the eyes.

Cooling to prevent swelling after eyelift/blepharoplasty/eye surgery usually starts the day after treatment, your attending doctor will recommend how to cool down. 2 Hours before use put the cooling eye mask in the refrigerator, have it forever in the refrigerator ready to use. DO NOT put the CoolDown Eyemask in the freezer, for as the temperature is far to cold for the sensitive skin around the eyes. TIP COLDPACK COOL: To prevent swelling to the eye 4 x 15 minutes a day cooling with CoolDown, repeat this for 3 days. Avoid the bright sun, and air conditioners do also not walk in rooms with smoke. Take rest with the hurted eye. Due to the soft non-toxic non-flammable and environmentally friendly gel filling the CoolDown eye mask is comfortable to wear with the adjustable velcro closure fits all.