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FAQ Cold Questions and Anwsers about CoolDown

FAQ Instructions and Maintenance CoolDown Cool Pack

How to take care of Coolpack CoolDown?

CoolDown is reusable and after every treatment put it again in the refrigerator or freezer. After use clean with water and the usual disinfectants.

Is CoolDown free from BPA ?

Yes CoolDown and WarmUp products are free from Bisphenol-A and -S .

Is CoolDown even as WarmUp to use?

Yes preheat CoolDown in a pan water up to 60 degrees.

Why not just cool with ice cubes or a bag of frozen peas?

Can also be done, however it will be wet and sticky therefore unhygienic. Reuseale CoolDown does not stick and the gentle gel makes it wear pleasantly.

When muscles are overloaded can CoolDown als be used?

Yes, as a novice overload is often featured with pain, swelling and a response of inflammation Coldpack will reduce that.

How long should your cool? And what if you cool too long?

Cool Down 15 to 20 minutes. If you cool too long extra blood will flowe to the cold spot to warm it as result. It depends also whether CoolDown is taken out of the freezer than max. 15 minutes from refrigerator max. 20 minutes.

CoolDown CoolPack is also for in the freezer but it is not recommended why?

Sensitive skin and thin skin can frostbite incur as a CoolDown to use is taken right out of the freezer. Wrap it in a towel for use then. Coldpack from the refrigerator is often cold enough to get best results.