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Coolpack Coldpack Body to treat injuries to knee, legs, arms, abdomen, and back with cold therapy.

Body cooling for the body

The CoolPack Body format 40x14 cm is ideal as 1st help with muscle strains, whip, or to cool the entire muscle immediately.

In bursitis of the shoulder is the first priority to reduce the intense pain put immediately CoolDown onto the shoulder for as cold reduces the pain immediate. With an acute injury swelling and bruise often appears to reduce this directly a 20-minute cooling with CoolDown is required. Use Coldpack CoolDown from the refrigerator or cooler. Never use Coldpack not from the freezer as Ice Pack is far to cold for acute injury treatment. After or during these 20 minutes it is advisable to ask a doctor for further advice.TIP COLDPACK COOL: After removing a Tattoo the skin creates swelling, take your CoolDown from the fridge put it on the lasered skin and keep it for 20 minutes on the skin, do repeat this 3 times with bigger intervals. This will reduce the swelling and pain and gives the skin rest. Treat the lasered skin further as is advised by your Tattoo remover. It is recommended that you then have a ColdPack CoolPack for always in the refrigerator ready for take off when is needed. A large tattoo can be removed with several visits to the tattoo remover.Good to know Coldpack CoolDwon is reusable.